IT workshop for under privileged students

Under CSR we at East Point School organized a workshop for under privileged students. I was given the task to train the students. So I selected six of my students Akshaya Thakur, Kshitiz, Robin, Amaan Saifi, Pratham & Mehul from class IX & X and helped them to develop step by step manual of Email Id creation, Blog Creation and Social media posts using Power Point presentation. Each of my students took five under privileged students and formed groups and trained them. Hence they were able to teach 30 students in the given 1 hr time. This is a mile stone achievement for me. The PPT included screenshots of step by step instructions to create E-mail ID & Blog. Please find the URL below

20160219_113726 20160219_113744 20160219_113803 BeautyPlus_20160728195130_save BeautyPlus_20160728195159_save BeautyPlus_20160728195256_save


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